Saturday, April 23, 2016

Our Fourth Genie is.........

 Our fourth GENIE is LARRY OLSON
The website is a subscription service containing digital images of over 3600 papers published in seven English-speaking countries from 1700 to date (US, Canada, England, Ireland and Northern Ireland, Australia, and Panama).  The holdings include images of 14 papers in Chicago alone.
Larry will demonstrate navigating the site, how to perform searches, and how to create, download, and share clippings via social media and/or Ancestry.

Larry Olson is a Minnesota native who lived on both coasts before settling in Chicagoland thirty years ago.  He began his research in the 1970s, when his grandmother told him he was related to March King John Philip Sousa through Sousa’s German mother.  Larry has never proven that legend, but he has discovered many other interesting facts, and become the historian for his and his wife’s families.  He hopes his immediate family will someday appreciate what he accomplished while neglecting them for dead relatives.

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