Monday, June 6, 2016

Our Next Genie is............

 Join members of the GeneaUs Bar team during the breaks to learn a little more about some of the software available and using specific websites in your research.

Join our experts for great pointers and advice in an intimate format.


Do you have a MAC? Come and see what Reunion genealogy software looks like, learn how to enter data and see an online version of a family tree. Plus ask questions about what many claim is the “top rated software” for MAC users. 

“Bruce started studying his family tree in high school and can even say he started 
using computers in this hobby as early as 1972,though in a very limited way. His 
areas of research includeScandinavia, British Isles, Canada and 
Colonial America. Since 2011,he has participated in DNA testing and he 
joined CAGGNI in January2013. Bruce has been a user of Reunion for Macintosh 
since at least 1998and has used it to build a fairly large family tree and publish it
online with photos and source citations. He has been CAGGNI’s
Reunion SIG leader since January 2015.”

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