Saturday, October 31, 2015

What is Genea Quest?

GeneaQuest is CAGGNI's brand name for its all-day conference.
The first conference was held in April 2014 and our second will be held June 18, 2016.
More information in the coming weeks on our speakers, GeneaUs bar, and registration details.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Diahan Southard

Diahan Southard holds a degree in Microbiology and has worked with the Sorenson Molecular 
Genealogy Foundation since the genetic genealogy industry has been an industry. She's the author of several quick guides on genetic genealogy, a regular contributor to Genealogy Gems, featured writer for Family Tree Magazine, regular contributor to Genealogy Today, as well as a lecturer at national conferences such as RootsTech.

1.   A Beginner’s Guide to Genetic Genealogy

It seems to be all the rage, this DNA testing for genealogy.  But what can it really tell you? Perhaps even more importantly, what CAN’T it tell you?  Come learn the basics behind DNA testing and genealogy, and walk away with confidence in this new area of research.

   2. Organizing Your GENETIC Genealogy

Perhaps you have tested the genetic genealogy waters and have now found that you are drowning in data and new genetic cousins.  With autosomal DNA it is especially tricky to stay afloat as most people have hundreds of matches. This lecture will cover a few methods you can start using today to help you organize your genetic genealogy research.

3.    DNA Testing and Your Ethnic Origins

Can I find out if I have Native American or African heritage by taking a DNA test?  Why does my test say I have an ancestral origin that is not present in my pedigree chart? Come get some answers!

4.    What now? Your Next Steps With Autosomal DNA Testing

So you have had your autosomal DNA tested- now what?! Come learn in 45 minutes what would take you hours to read about online, and leave armed with enough information to start making your DNA work for you.